An Urban Landmark for Forest Place Perth (Australia) International architectural competition. Location: Perth (Austalia). Client: Department of Culture and the Arts. Phase: First phase competition. Site area: 750 sqm. Year: 2009. Architects: AquiliAlberg. Design team: Ergian Alberg, Laura Aquili, Alessio Pucci, Alexandros Franzolin, Christian Ronchi. AquiliAlberg design proposal propose a catalyst of people and events that will allow the accumulation of inputs which are then invested in upgrading the city itself, attractive hub of events, suggesting a strong and immediately recognition of the site... a LANDMARK. The very theme of the connection between the parties themselves is to merge the reflecting information flows that characterize the area, determining the balanced development to that degree, emerging from the horizontal surface of the floor, which spread three-dimensional tensions, involving direction of the quadrilateral project, projected towards the city. A sculpture that can be defined as a complex system made up of many elements in cooperation among themselves, and to suffer continuous changes to adapt to the needs and expectations of visitors. website: http://www.aquilialberg.com
blog: http://aquilialberg.nova100.ilsole24ore.com
mail: press@aquilialberg.com

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